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Privacy Policy

Do I collect or save any information about visitors?


If you want me to know:
- who you are
- where you have been on the Internet
- what browser you are using
- and any other information that can be obtained without the surfers knowledge.

Than you, the visitor, must let me know yourself. I do not take & keep any of this information while you are visiting my web site.



Material submitted to me for use on the site.

Any photographs or text sent to me will be reviewed for suitability before inclusion on my site.
This means I may edit text for readability and/or to remove some geographic information.
All photographs and images must be of a type and quality for family viewing. Anything deliberately embarrassing will not be used.



How can you get a hold of the webmaster (that's me)?

If you do not already know:


Any further need for communication can be worked out from there.



Last updated on 30 November 2002
By J. Wayne Rhine