Cook Family 1903

Taken at the home of Hiram & Rebecca J. Cook


Photo of the Cook family 1903
This photograph was taken at the 'Old Homestead' of Hiram & Rebecca Cook in Springfield, Missouri.

Delbert Carpenter took the photograph.


Image of body outlines of Cook photo above

A - John Cook (Hiram & Rebecca's Child)
B - Will Cook (Hiram & Rebecca's Child)
C - Dorthula Frances "Doll" 'Cook' Carpenter (Hiram & Rebecca's Child)
D - Flossie Pearle Carpenter (Delbert & Doll's child)
E - Hiram Cook
F - Eva May Carpenter (Delbert & Doll's child)
G - Rebecca Cook
H - Thomas Uriah Cook (Hiram & Rebecca's Child)
I - Joseph Cook (Tom & Emma's child)
J - Emma Jean 'Bailey' Cook (Tom's wife)
K - Jessie William Cook (Tom & Emma's child)
L - Daniel Goodpaster Carpenter (Delbert's Father)

Plus assorted dogs & chickens



Special thanks to Dorothy 'Flicker' Satrapa for a copy of the Cook Family Photo that is on this page.




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