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  Michel Sutter was born in Ruzenheim, Germany about 1835. He married Meyer CAROLINE, born about 1830 in Gries, Alsace-Lorraine, Bas-Rhin, Germany (now France). They had at least 2 children. Karl and a 'name unknown' sister.

  Karl Sutter, with his wife and family, immigrated to the United States of America. They traveled from Gries to Antwerp, Belgium. Then sailed on the steam ship Kroonland to arrive in New York, in the year 1906.


Sutter Resources on this web site.

Nape Resources on this web site.

  Nape / Louis Family connection to the Sutter family


Several collections of photographs were brought to the Sutter Reunion 2001 for sharing. Many of the photographs were scanned into computer images. I am making the electronic photo albums available to you.

Viola and Carl Sutter Photos contributed by Wayne Rhine

Ruth McGowan jeweler Photos contributed by Ruth McGowan

Lina and Selma Photos contributed by Connie Hatch

Lyndhurst Fire Dept. Lyndhurst Fire Dept. Photos contributed by Wayne Rhine

I expect there will be a total of 6 albums from the reunion.



There is an internet email chat list for The Sutter Family.

If you are on this Descendant list or should be, let me know.

  This is an Email list for the Sutter descendants.
  You are welcome to join in the family conversation if you are in one of my Sutter family trees.

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