Kristi Michele McGowan

A rare insight into the life of Kristi


Kristi McGowen High School graduation. Photo a gift from Kristi

Kristi McGowan - High School Graduation picture 1990.


Kristi Supplied this Bio


Hobbies and interests:
Collecting baseball memorabilia, especially the Atlanta Braves. One of my spare rooms is decorated completely in Braves and baseball.
I also collect cows (not live ones) and Angels (Dreamsicles), Swimming, hanging with family and friends, Playing with small children, going shopping

Job: She worked at Hardee's restaurant for six years as Assistant Manager and Manager.
Kristi, on February 14,1998, started working for the United States Post Office as a City &: Rural Carrier substitute, Mail Sorter as a part time employee working 6 days a week!
"Hopefully when I get my test results back I'll become a permanent employee."

School: Currently attending the school of 'Hard Knocks'.

Dream car: Bright Red Chevy Stepside or Navy Blue Toyota Camary With sun roof and gold package

- Reality Check -
Current car: Blue/Green Toyota Corolla

This was sent to me on 28 Aug 1998


Kristi McGowan Prom photo 1990  Kristi McGowan HS Graduation enviromental photo 1990
Kristi at her senior prom and her 'enviromental' graduation photo 1990


Kristi McGowan Tech Graduation ceremony 1991
Look Mama, I make it!

Honor Graduate from Tech School - Sept 1991





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