USS Kroonland

Photograph of S.S. Kroonland

Short History Of The Steam Ship Kroonland

The "Kroonland" was built in 1902 by W.Cramp & Sons at Philadelphia for the Red Star line and sailed originally under the American flag. She was a 12,760 gross ton vessel, length 560ft x beam 60.2ft, two funnels, four masts, twin screw and a speed of 15 knots. Accommodation for 342-1st, 194-2nd and 626-3rd class passengers. Launched on 20 Feb 1902, she sailed on her maiden voyage from New York to Antwerp on 28 June 1902.

In November 1908 she was put under the Belgian flag and sailed between Antwerp and NY until 13 Jan 1912 when she reverted to the US flag and stayed on the same service. On 1 Aug 1914 she left Antwerp on her last voyage to Dover and NY and on 15 Aug 1914 transferred to the NY -Liverpool run for two voyages before being transferred again on 15/10/1914 to the NY - Gibralter - Naples - Piraeus service for one round voyage. On 21 May 1915 she went to the Panama Pacific Line for the NY - Panama Canal -San Francisco service and then to the American Line for the London - NY service for one voyage commencing 30 Jan 1916. Transferred on 20 Feb 1916 to the NY - Liverpool run until her last voyage on this service, sailing 31 Jan 1917 she was used as a US troopship until 1919 when she was converted to carry 242-1st, 310-2nd and 876-3rd class passengers and reverted on 14 Apr 1920 to the Antwerp - Southampton - NY service and on 21 June 1923 went back to the American Line and was put on the NY - Plymouth - Cherbourg - Hamburg run, being converted to carry cabin class and 3rd class passengers only. After three voyages on this service, she went back to the Panama Pacific Line for the NY - San Francisco run.

She was scrapped at Genoa in 1928.

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