Kimberly Dawn McGowan

Kim McGowan graduated from high school this year 1998.


My, hasn't she grown!

Kim Dawn McGowen 2 days old. From the collection of Carl Sutter

Oops, wrong picture.     Let me try again.


Kim McGowan HS Graduation photo 1997-98  Kim McGowan HS Graduation photo - this one is her Mother's favorite 1997-98
That is much better
Kim McGowan High School Graduation photos 1998


Kim Supplied this Bio

Nickname used: Kimbo

Hobbies and interests:
Talking on the phone, hanging with friends and family, SHOPPING, Collecting Mary's Moo Moos or any cow paraphernalia, walking and swimming, playing with small children,

Job: works for a local dentist and baby sits

School: will be starting school this fall (1998) to become a Dental Assistant

Dream car: Black Ford Explorer with a sun roof

- Reality Check -
Current car: Cranberry Ford Escort LX

This was sent to me on 28 Aug 1998


Kim McGowan Prom photo 1998
Kim McGowan High School Prom photo 1998






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