wooden cross made by Robert Sutter

Robert Carl Sutter

Born: Cleveland, Ohio - 30 Oct 1917
Died: Painesville, Ohio - 30 Aug 1998

wooden cross made by Robert Sutter

Photo of Robert Sutter in front of a house in Cleveland

Photo of Robert Sutter at home Easter 1998
Photos from Easter 1998
Photo of Robert & Hazel Sutter at home Easter 1998

I remember Robert Sutter (Uncle Robert):

Robert Sutter worked for Diamond Shamrock. Later in his working career he traveled a lot, inspecting new manufacturing plant installations. Diamond Shamrock sent him to Israel, Italy, Japan & many other countries. When we gathered together in Painesville for the holidays, he would give me an assortment of different coins from his travels. At that time I was avidly collecting and cataloging coins from around the world. These were a valuable and personal addition to my collection.

Wood working. Robert worked with wood as a hobby. Most famous were the clocks he made. Mantle clocks, Grandfather clocks. The craftsmanship was magnificent. The other smaller items were no less in quality. Whether it was a simple trick, toy or a desk set the same level of competence was applied to the wood.

Stories I heard: Every Saturday morning Carl Sutter went to work at a factory that made truck beds. He would take his son Robert along. Carl dropped Robert off at the end of the street his parents lived on, Robert spent the day with Grandma Sutter while she baked.

Henry Edwin Coffman was given his nickname 'Mickey' by Robert. Mickey was 2 years older than his nephew Robert and they were best friends. There was a song called Mickey that was very popular in the early 1920's. This is where the nickname came from. It stayed with him all his life.


Photo of the Wismar and Sutter families.

Photo of Wismar & Sutter Family taken in backyard Lyndhurst, OhioBack row: Grandpa Wismer, Rhoda 'Coffman' Wismer, Viola Sutter
Front Row: Lucy Coffman, Robert Wismer, Mickey Coffman, Robert Sutter
This photo was taken about 1924.

Mickey broke his arm when he fell off the garage roof. He was flying a kite from the top of the roof.


He enjoyed his retirement from Diamond Shamrock by golfing & traveling with his wife Hazel.



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