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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions).


Here are some answers to questions I would like for people to have asked me.


1. What did you use to create this web site?

I used several programs to help create the various pages and graphics used. They are presented here in no particular order.

META tags created with the help of "Meta Tag Builder" by Siteup Promotions.

Go To http://www.siteup.com for information about this company and how to download this freeware program.

The following Microsoft Corporation programs were valuable in the creation of the pages in this site:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • Frontpage
  • Notepad (ASCII editor that comes with Windows 95, 98, ME & Windows NT 4.0, Win 2K)

Go to http://www.microsoft.com for more information.

Programs I used to help with writing the HTML code (All Microsoft Corporation relate programs listed above).

  • Amaya by WWW Consortium

The W3C is one of the groups trying to standardize the HTML code, currently at HTML 4.0. Standardizing the code and the way Internet Browsers interpret the code will make code writing much easier.

Go to http://www.w3c.org for more information about this organization and how to download this freeware program.

  • Netscape Composer comes with Netscape Navagator 4.05 by Netscape

Go to http://www.netscape.com for more information.

  • HTML Kit by Chami

Fantastic HTML editor.  Go to http://www.chami.com/

  • Ultra Edit by IDM Computer Solutions.

This is a text editor that is designed for programming.  Go to http://www.ultraedit.com/

  • WS FTP by Ipswitch

Best program I have found for ftp transfer of my files to web sites.
Go to http://www.ipswitch.com/

  • Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software, Inc.

I used this program to make the pictures and graphics look nice. I used their Animation Shop to create the animated pictures of the children. Animation Shop comes with PSP.

This is IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) the best value for the money in a graphics program that runs in the Win95 environment.

Go to http://www.jasc.com for more information about this program and how to download a working demo.

  • Family Origins by FormalSoft

This is my genealogy database program of choice. It was also invaluable in the creation of the linked pages.

Go to http://www.formalsoft.com/ for purchase and for support information directly from the developer.


The following Internet Browsers were used to check my code.

a. MSIE 5x (Microsoft Internet Explorer) see Microsoft Corporation web page for more information and updates http://www.microsoft.com

b. Netscape Navagator see Netscape's web page for more information and updates http://www.netscape.com

c. Mozilla http://www.mozilla.org

c. Opera http://www.opera.com


2. Are all the images and graphics used in this site yours?

The short answer is:

No. Also see my copyright statement

The long answer is:

I used many photographs that were generously donated by my relations for my personal files and for use in these pages. Donators, in no particular order, The McGowan girls (Kristi, Amy, Kim), Ruth McGowan, Jules A. Rhine, Jules & Alma Rhine, James Rhine, Gilbert Cantlin, K. Theresa Rapp, Kathy Thomason, Betsy McKinney, Dorothy Satrapa.

Photographs from the following collections are also being used.

a. The collection of Carl (1894-1986) and Viola Sutter (1894-1980), is the source for the Coffman and Sutter and related lines.

b. The collection of Bertha Rapp (1902-1987) generously shared by Robert Rapp.

To anyone I have not included in this list, I apologize for the omission. Please remind me and you will be included.

I am always open for more donations.

With a few exceptions (The story set of pages) all the images and graphics were created by myself.


3. I hate that picture you used of me. It should be burned!

This one is too easy.  If you do not like the photo I used send me a better one to replace it! :-}


4. Is this web site safe for children?


I will not allow any pornographic material (photographs, stories, jokes, etc.) on this site.

The closest exception is the occasional 'earthy' phrase used as a direct quote from my ancestors.

If you, the reader, considers any material presented on this web site, http://www.wrhine.com to be offensive. You must tell me. If you are a relation or friend you know how to get a hold of me otherwise my email address is "all over the place".


5. Do I collect or save any information about visitors?


If you want me to know:

  1. who you are
  2. where you have been on the Internet
  3. what browser you are using
  4. and any other information.

You, the visitor, must let me know yourself. I do not take & keep any of this information.

Also see my Privacy Policy


6. Where are the banner ads?

On other sites.

This is not a money making venture for me. (Free will donations have never been refused, but are not solicited).


7. How do I get a hold of you?

If you do not already know:

w_rhine @ hotmail.com

Any further need for communication can be worked out from there.




All company names, program names, product names and organization names listed in this document and other sections of my web site (at http://www.wrhine.com) may be trademarks of and/or registered to their respective owners.
I respect that right, so should you.


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Last updated on 19 May 2002
By J. Wayne Rhine