Descendants of Wall

This is a list of the descendants of Wall.
Any & all corrections / additions are welcome, email address at end.

1- WALL (-)
2-William Fredrick WALL (27 Jul 1870-)
sp1: Florence Elizabeth DORTON (9 May 1879-11 Nov 1975)
sp2: Catherine MCDONNELL (12 Jul 1868-17 Jan 1925)
3-Catherine Florence WALL (-)
sp: William SHEIL (-)
3-Lawrence Victor WALL (-)
sp: Rose (-)
3-Mary Irene WALL (21 Dec 1901-1970)
sp: Harold Thomas CANTLIN (18 Oct 1897-2 Nov 1959)
4-Harold Thomas CANTLIN (19 Jun 1922-18 Apr 1983)
sp: Betty Jane WITWER (9 Mar 1924-)
5-Daniel Edward CANTLIN (Private)
sp1: Karla Rose KREUSCHNER (-)
sp2: Heidi Elen HINDERMAN (Private)
6-Molly Elizabeth CANTLIN (Private)
6-Emily Marie CANTLIN (Private)
5-Mary Eileen CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Nicholas Paul VERBUS (Private)
6-Colleen Nichole VERBUS (Private)
6-Nicholas Warren VERBUS (Private)
6-Martin Thomas VERBUS (Private)
5-David Joseph CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Rachel Jane LACEY (Private)
6-Rebekah Anne CANTLIN (Private)
6-Deborah Ruth CANTLIN (Private)
6-Joshua Daniel CANTLIN (Private)
6-Stephen James CANTLIN (Private)
6-Ann Elizabeth CANTLIN (Private)
6-Hannah Esther CANTLIN (Private)
4-William Victor CANTLIN (9 Apr 1926-)
sp: Lyda Joy ROTH (Private)
5-Michael Dean CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Barbara Lynne ALFORD (Private)
6-Stephanie Lynne CANTLIN (Private)
5-Kathleen CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Keith A. KUHN (Private)
6-Kelli Alicia KUHN (Private)
6-Kristin Nicole KUHN (Private)
6-Kevin Michael KUHN (Private)
4-Katherine Theresa CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Robert RAPCZYNSKI (Private)
5-Amy Marie RAPP (Private)
sp: Jules Wayne RHINE (Private)
6-Irene Viola RHINE (Private)
6-Matthew Jules RHINE (Private)
6-Jeffrey Carl RHINE (Private)
5-Celia Ann RAPP (Private)
sp: Frank Frederick TENCH (Private)
6-Lindsey Ann TENCH (Private)
6-William Robert TENCH (Private)
sp3: Mary Wuden ROWLEY (-)
3-William Edward WALL (30 Aug 1893-3 Mar 1985)
sp: Jo (-)
sp: Mary (-)
sp: Mayme Madeline VINCENT (15 Jul 1902-)
2-Florence WALL (-)
sp: John F. COLE (-24 Sep 1936)



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Last Updated on
6 October 2002
By J. Wayne Rhine