Descendants of Elzy Morgan

This is a list of the descendants of Elzy Morgan.
Elzy Morgan Raised his family in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Family history relates: Elzy was walking down the street of his home town. He greeted the blacksmith who responded "Hello Morgan" A Union soldier was in the blacksmiths shop heard this exchange and thought Elzy was Gen. John Hunt Morgan, the notorious Confederate raider. The soldier stepped out onto the street and shot Elzy in the back killing him. The soldier was tried and convicted of murder.
His still under aged son, A.D. Morgan, joined the Confederate Army under Gen. John Hunt Morgan and was captured after the Great Raid through Ohio. A.D. finished the war in three different prisons as a POW.
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1-Elzy Samson Morgan (1825-1863)
sp:Louisa Maria Belle Davis (1824-9 Nov 1897)
2-Alphonso Deleon Morgan (1847-1 May 1930)
sp:Nancy Jane Butler (1 Apr 1849-17 Apr 1889)
3-Walter (Waldo) Elzy Morgan (29 Feb 1876-aft 1956)
sp:Christina S. Metzger (Dec 1862-)
3-Gertrude P. Morgan (28 Aug 1877-21 Aug 1903)
3-Charles W. Morgan (12 May 1880-2 Feb 1951)
4-Nina H Morgan (1908-)
4-Caroline Morgan (abt 1912-)
sp:Grace Elizabeth (8 Mar 1883-14 Oct 1944)
4-Harold B Morgan (21 Sep 1922-4 Jan 2004)
3-Berne Deleon Morgan (7 Aug 1881-28 Oct 1969)
sp:Maude Bell Stansberry (28 Jan 1885-4 May 1974)
4-Winfred Harold Morgan (6 Mar 1906-25 Jan 1994)
sp:Margueritte Leona Simmons (6 Feb 1915-6 Nov 2000)
5-Harold Lee Morgan (Private)
sp1:Donna Kay Hunter (Private)
6-Rodric Todd Morgan (Private)
6-Shelby Ann Morgan (Private)
sp:Matthias Claudias Keck (Private)
7-Matthias Christopher Keck (Private)
7-Michael Anthony Keck (Private)
6-Gregory Berne Morgan (Private)
6-Darren Scott Morgan (Private)
sp:Julie Louise Frost (-)
sp2:Geraldine Clara Anton (Private)
6-Lanae Nicole Morgan (Private)
5-Diana Bell Morgan (Private)
sp:John Timothy Carter (Private)
6-Zachary Matthew Carter (Private)
6-Jennifer Michelle Carter (Private)
4-Loreta Elizabeth Morgan (1 May 1917-12 Apr 1999)
sp:Orin Burnell Stewart (1 Feb 1909-19 May 1984)
3-Ina Aisa Morgan (18 May 1883-1929)
sp1:George Kersey Rhine (3 Jun 1883-21 Aug 1974)
4-Jules Alphonso Rhine (16 Apr 1904-8 Aug 1994)
sp:Willie Juanita Carpenter (13 Nov 1904-20 Jan 1989)
5-Jules Wayne Rhine (Private)
sp:Alma Jean Sutter (Private)
6-Jules Wayne Rhine Jr (Private)
sp:Amy Marie Rapp (Private)
7-Irene Viola Rhine (Private)
7-Matthew Jules Rhine (Private)
7-Jeffrey Carl Rhine (Private)
6-James Allen Rhine (Private)
5-Shirley Francis Rhine (Private)
sp1:William Allan Taylor (Private)
6-William Jules Taylor (19 Oct 1954-29 Apr 2006)
sp1:Michele Denise Rallya (Private)
7-Misty Dawn Taylor (Private)
sp:Ryan Lee Rosencrance (Private)
8-Tyler Anthony Rosencrance (Private)
7-Shannon Leigh Taylor (Private)
sp:William Patrick Horn (-)
8-Cassandra Marie Horn (Private)
8-Jaden Riley Horn (Private)
sp2:Diana Ruth Campbell (Private)
sp3:Diana Ruth Campbell (Private)
sp4:Dawn Andrea Adams (-)
6-Robert Steven Taylor (Private)
sp:Lora Jane Sekerak (Private)
7-Jarrett Jules Taylor (Private)
7-Crystal Lynn Taylor (Private)
7-Joseph James Taylor (Private)
sp2:Robert Donald Schoenthal (16 Sep 1927-3 Mar 2002)
6-Donald Scott Schoenthal (Private)
sp: Carrie Paige Rowlen (Private)
7-Amanda Schoenthal (Private)
7-Danielle Schoenthal (Private)
6-Ronald Glenn Schoenthal (Private)
sp2:Joseph Simon Mabee (1 Feb 1884-24 Oct 1961)
4-Guy Rosco Mabee (15 March 1910-26 November 1998)
sp:Ruby Lena Polston (23 August 1912-12 April 1981)
5-Joseph Guy Mabee (Private)
sp:Billie Frances Prothro (Private)
6-Gail Ellen Mabee (Private)
sp:Dallas Lee Smith Jr (Private)
7-Jeanne Renee Smith (Private)
7-Blake Lee Smith (Private)
7-Kari Frances Smith (Private)
sp2:Mark Terrell Commagere (Private)
7-Chelsea Anne Commagere (Private)
6-Joseph Guy Mabee Jr (-)
sp:Mary Helen Palma (Private)
7-Ashlie Rachelle Mabee (Private)
7-Lena Raegan Mabee (Private)
7-Courtney Allison Mabee (Private)
6-Leanne Mabee (Private)
sp:Danny Gordan Wilson (Private)
7-Brandon Dale Wilson (Private)
7-Christin Irene Wilson (Private)
7-Ryan Daniel Wilson (Private)
7-Garrett Michael Wilson (Private)
6-John William Mabee (Private)
sp:Gayla Jean Nease (Private)
7-William Bryan Mabee (Private)
7-Jeffrey Adam Mabee (Private)
sp2:Van A Vanwie (Private)
4-Louis Joseph Mabee (18 May 1915-5 April 1974)
sp:Vida Roseanna Austin (14 October 1918-19 November 1999)
5-Neil Louis Mabee (Private)
sp:Carolyn Louise Herdman (Private)
6-Neil Louis Mabee Jr (Private)
sp:Shana Michelle Cabe (Private)
7-Skylar Shane Mabee (Private)
6-Felicia Louise Mabee (Private)
sp:Bennie Jack Snapp Jr (Private)
7-Jordan Louise Snapp (Private)
5-Douglas Merritt Mabee (10 September 1949-9 October 1989)
3-Dan Morgan (3 Nov 1884-17 Feb 1885)
3-Alena Morgan (26 Nov 1885-Nov 1896)
3-Grover Francis Morgan (17 June 1888-)
sp:Viola M. Shinn (Feb 1893-)
4-Gaylord Laverne Morgan (25 Aug 1913-22 Dec 1992)
4-Geeneva Z. Morgan (1915-)
4-Wallace W. Morgan (17 MAy 1920-15 Jun 1994)
2-Maria Buena Vista Morgan (1848-)
sp1:Charles E Boyden (1849-)
3-Frank Boyden Williams (23 Nov 1869-)
sp:Harriett E Kellond (-)
4-Frances Kellond Williams (-)
4-Harriett Morgan Williams (-)
4-Katherine Selfridge Williams (-)
3-Ernest Boyden (abt 1875-)
3-Jessie Boyden (1876-)
sp2:Frank C Williams (-)
2-Drucilla J Morgan (1850-15 Feb 1904)
sp:Isaac Biven (abt 1844-1911)
3-Charles O Biven (17 Jun 1884-)
3-Garnett Lula Biven (1 Dec 1886-)
2-Geraldine D Morgan (1851-)
sp:Jacob Speres Johnson (-)
3-Joseph Johnson (abt 1871-abt 1874)
2-Naomi Morgan (27 May 1854-)
2-Lingreon Davis Morgan (27 Jan 1856-Jan 1931)
sp:Althaca Lucile (Lucy) Coble (17 Sep 1886-1 Oct 1966)
3-Lengue Coble Morgan (Jan 1912-1994)
sp:Violet Elizabeth Wilson (16 Dec 1920-23 Aug 2001)
4-Lenett Morgan (Private)
sp:Bruce Alan Waite (-)
5-Calvin Alan Waite (-)
5-Alexander Waite (Private)
3-Drallia Garnet (Geraldine) Morgan (22 Feb 1919-14 Feb 1970)
sp:Harold Connelly (-)
4-Catherine Louise Connelly (Private)
sp:Mark Alan Scavuzzo (-)
4-Stephane Ann Connelly (-)
sp:Norris 'Buck' Alkinson (-)
5-Kevin Alkinson (Private)
5-Crystal Alkinson (Private)
4-Michele Drallia Morgan-Cuthbert (Private)
sp1:Don Edward Warrick (Dec 1957-19 Feb 1982)
5-Don Frederick II Warrick (Private)
sp2:Thomas Jonathan Preston (Private)
sp:Courtland (Rene) Stuart Cuthbert (19 Dec 1912-Oct 1978)
4-Tamara Rene Morgan Cuthbert (Private)
sp:Alan Trammell (Private)
sp:John Kastanas (Private)
2-Mollie Morgan (1859-1878)



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