Descendants of William Coffman 1806-1885

This is a list of the descendants of William Coffman born 1806 in Virginia.
He was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia. [His parents may be Jacob Coffman (1761-2 June 1844) & Elizabeth Cooke (bet1760-1770-Aft 1840). Jacob and Elizabeth were married 16 Apr 1800 in Augusta Co., Virginia.]
William married Lydia Acord in Virginia where they had their first 4 children. Lydia was born on 3 Dec 1811 in Pendleton, Louisa County, Virginia. Between 1836 and 1838 William, Lydia and their family moved to Illinois where they had 8 more children. William died 30 Apr 1885 in Kansas or Grandview Townships, Edgar County, Illinois. Lydia died 4 Nov 1871 in Kansas, Edgar County, Illinois.
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Jacob Coffman (1761-2 June 1844)
Elizabeth Cooke (bet1760-1770-Aft 1840)
1-William COFFMAN (1806-30 Apr 1885)
sp-Lydia ACORD (3 Dec 1811-4 Nov 1871)
2-Iasiah F COFFMAN (1834-)
2-James W. COFFMAN (Sep 1834-)
sp-Malinda J. LEWIS (abt 1846-)
3-Utton COFFMAN (1868-)
sp-E. K. HOFACKER (-)
sp-Lucy LEWIS (1854-)
3-William COFFMAN (Aug 1871-27 Oct 1918)
sp: Rhoda Emma Alice SUTHERLAND (5 Jul 1875-)
4-Viola Ella COFFMAN (21 Aug 1894-9 Nov 1980)
sp: Carl SUTTER (14 Nov 1894-22 Jul 1986)
5-Robert Carl SUTTER (30 Oct 1917-30 Aug 1998)
sp: Hazel Fay SILSBY (Private)
6-Robert Carl SUTTER Jr (Private)
sp: Lonnie Lee VROMAN (Private)
7-Amy Clare SUTTER (Private)
sp1: Thomas Joseph BRUNELLE (-)
sp2: Abel ANDRADE(-)
8-Robert Antonio ANDRADE (Private)
8-Jacob Carl ANDRADE (Private)
7-Robert Merrill SUTTER (Private)
sp-Susan Elizabeth SACK (Private)
6-Nancy Jeanne SUTTER (Private)
sp: Glenn George SIPPOLA (Private)
7-Sarah Jeanne SIPPOLA (Private)
sp-Matthew Reagan MacEWAN (Private)
5-Viola Ruth SUTTER (28 Jan 1920-27 Jun 1967)
sp: Lawrence Arthur BUSH (10 Apr 1915-16 Oct 1994)
6-Ruth Ann BUSH (Private)
sp: Remer MCGOWAN (Private)
7-Kristi Michele MCGOWAN (Private)
7-Robin Beth MCGOWAN (30 Apr 1975-27 May 1976)
7-Amy Rebecca MCGOWAN (Private)
7-Kimberly Dawn MCGOWAN (Private)
6-Deborah Kay BUSH (Private)
sp: James Nathan SHUMANS (Private)
7-James Christopher SHUMANS (Private)
sp-Leah Casey TOBIN (Private)
7-Erin Leigh SHUMANS (Private)
5-Alice Marie SUTTER (19 Feb 1926-2 Jul 1980)
sp: Harry Joseph BREZINA (Private)
6-Katherine Ruth BIRCH (Private)
sp: David Lee DELP (Private)
7-Stacye Sue DELP (Private)
sp-Jeffrey KOEGLER (-)
sp: David THOMASON (Private)
7-Elizabeth Ann BIRCH (Private)
sp1: John Carl MCKINNEY (1 Aug 1954-21 Nov 1996)
8-Matthew Garrison MCKINNEY (Private)
sp2: Dale L HARMON (Private)
6-Susan Marie BIRCH (Private)
sp1: Todd Douglas FRADY (Private)
7-Eric Allen FRADY (Private)
7-Evan Joseph FRADY (Private)
7-Grant Riley FRADY (Private)
sp2: David GARDNER (-)
5-Alma Jean SUTTER (Private)
sp: Jules Wayne RHINE (Private)
6-Jules Wayne RHINE (Private)
sp: Amy Marie RAPP (Private)
7-Irene Viola RHINE (Private)
7-Matthew Jules RHINE (Private)
7-Jeffrey Carl RHINE (Private)
6-James Allen RHINE (Private)
4-William Hobart COFFMAN (3 Sep 1896-Aug 1973)
sp: Susan (Susie) R. CAMPBELL (18 Sep 1903-5 Sep 1926)
5-Hannah COFFMAN (1922-)
sp: Robert COBB (31 Jul 1920-12 Aug 1998)
6-Robert COBB (-)
6-Sue COBB (-)
6-William COBB (-)
4-Helen Pearle COFFMAN (3 Nov 1898-Jan 1979)
sp: William 'John' SEIGMAN (1890-)
5-William SEIGMAN (1919-)
5-Virginia SEIGMAN (Private)
5-George SEIGMAN (26 Aug 1922-7 Jul 1996)
sp: Evelyn SCHROEDER (7 Aug 1926-Aug 1982)
6-William Van Lear SEIGMAN (-)
6-George Merwin SEIGMAN (-)
6-Larayne Ann SEIGMAN (-)
5-Joyce (Mitzi) SEIGMAN (Private)
5-Helyn E. SEIGMAN (28 Nov 1927-24 Nov 1991)
4-Elsworth Dick COFFMAN (16 Jan 1903-14 Jan 1981)
sp: Mildred Elizabeth EVERETT (24 Apr 1911-12 May 2010)
5-Donald Elsworth COFFMAN (4 Jun 1936-16 Mar 2003)
sp: Sandra Lee HATHAWAY (Private)
6-Debra Leigh COFFMAN (Private)
sp: Joseph Steven MOKRY (Private)
6-Donald Elsworth COFFMAN II (Private)
6-Daniel Everett COFFMAN (Private)
sp: Sabine Karin EBEL (Private)
7-Shawn Daniel COFFMAN (Private)
6-Diana Lynn COFFMAN (Private)
6-Kathleen Ann COFFMAN (Private)
7-Zachariah Elsworth COFFMAN (Private)
6-Cheryl Elaine COFFMAN (Private)
6-Judith Kay COFFMAN (Private)
6-Susan Byron COFFMAN (Private)
5-Thomas Everett COFFMAN (20 Apr 1939-2 Oct 2003)
sp: Patricia Lee MAJEWSKI (Private)
6-Thomas Everett COFFMAN (Private)
6-Elizabeth Marie COFFMAN (Private)
6-Janet Leigh COFFMAN (Private)
6-Donna Lynn COFFMAN (Private)
sp-Jerry J KIEFER (-)
sp: Michael OPPHILE (-)
7-Jason Thomas OPPHILE (Private)
7-Lauren Nichole OPPHILE (Private)
6-Allen Mitchell COFFMAN (Private)
5-Mildred Jean COFFMAN (Private)
sp: Leroy MINOR (-)
6-Christopher L. MINOR (Private)
4-Stella I. COFFMAN (16 Jun 1905-16 Jan 1969)
sp: Vincent J. CARLIN (15 Apr 1905-26 Jul 1976)
5-Ronald CARLIN (-)
sp: Patricia A. LEMMEYER (-)
6-(unknown) CARLIN (-)
sp2: Anthony PERTZ (1903-bef 30 Oct 1951)
5-Anthony Frank PERTZ (CARLIN) (2 Feb 1925-13 Aug 2009)
sp: Barbara A PATTERSON (-)
5-Mary Jane PERTZ (CARLIN) (-)
sp: William A MARSHALL (-)
5-James PERTZ (CARLIN) (-)
4-Alice COFFMAN (24 Dec 1906-Jun 1971)
sp-Marion GULLOCK (19 May 1904-Jan 1982)
4-Wesley COFFMAN (-)
sp: June E BAUER (8 Jun 1916-Jun 1994) sp2: Viola TETSLA (-)
5-Carl COFFMAN (-)
5-Ethel Viola COFFMAN (-)
4-Henry Edwin COFFMAN (1914-9 Jul 1944)
4-Ford Irwin COFFMAN (1914-9 Jul 1915)
4-Lucy Virginia COFFMAN (29 Jan 1916-20 Dec 1999)
sp: Andrew NIMICK (17 Jul 1915-5 Aug 1992)
5-Andrew Richard NIMICK (Private)
sp: Joan WILEY (-)
6- NIMICK (-)
5-Beverly Ann NIMICK (Private)
sp: Ralph William DEITRICK (1 Dec 1925-)
sp2: Ronald D JACOBSON (-1964)
5-Phyliss Theresa NIMICK (Private)
sp: David KARLOSKY (-13 Jan 1970)
sp2: James Michael SLOVAK (3 Jun 1945-1 Nov 2003)
6-Michele Lee SLOVAK (Private)
5-Susan Marie NIMICK (-)
3-Walter Booth COFFMAN (Aug 1873-)
sp-Mattie R EVINGER (Dec 1870-)
4-Margaret G. COFFMAN (Dec 1895-)
4-Paul B. COFFMAN (Nov 1898-)
3-Bonnie L. COFFMAN (1876-)
sp-George W. ABELL (1873-)
2-Susan M COFFMAN (1835-)
sp-Marcus L WELCH (abt 1827-)
2-Jonathan J COFFMAN (1836-)
sp-Christena L BERGER (-)
2-John H COFFMAN (1838-)
2-Caroline V COFFMAN (1841-)
sp-John W WELCH (abt 1833-)
2-Daniel Agusta COFFMAN (21 Mar 1844-24 Nov 1914)
sp-Savilla Arabell PERRY (31 Jul 1852-6 May 1932)
3-Vashie E COFFMAN (1872-)
sp-William A LACEY (-)
3-Cora A COFFMAN (1883-)
3-Roscoe Alexander COFFMAN (10 Jul 1891-Mar 1968)
sp-Madeline Naomi EVINGER (26 Sep 1893-1959)
4-Nadine COFFMAN (-)
4-Patricia COFFMAN (-)
4-Morris Julian COFFMAN (1 Oct 1913-27 Sep 1982)
sp-Dorothy Jane ANDREWS (29 Nov 1915-)
5-Diane COFFMAN (Private)
sp-Gary Mc CLURE (-)
6-Brian Mc CLURE (-)
6-Darren Mc CLURE (-)
6-Kevin Mc CLURE (-)
6-Michael Mc CLURE (-)
sp-Patrick FITZPATRICK (-)
5-Penny Lou COFFMAN (Private)
sp-Jack Jay WILLIS (Private)
6-Cari Lyn WILLIS (Private)
sp-David George CAMPBELL (-)
6-Jack Jay WILLIS II (Private)
sp-Colleen Ellen PAGE (Private)
7-Christopher Jay WILLIS (Private)
7-Paige Elizabeth WILLIS (Private)
2-George A COFFMAN (1845-)
sp-Nancy E CARPENTER (-)
2-Mary E COFFMAN (1847-)
sp-Rinehart J RETTS (-)
2-Jacob F A COFFMAN (1849-)
2-Sarah J H COFFMAN (1851-)
2-Lean A COFFMAN (1853-)




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