Descendants of John Cantillon

This is a list of the descendants of John Cantillon.
John Cantillon was born in Ireland. He and his family immigrated to America in 1849 on the ship SWAN. He settled in Perrysburg, NY. John and his descendants built the railroad in northern America.

Any & all corrections / additions are welcome, email address at end.

A great big debt of gratitude is extended to Gilbert J. Cantlin for his Cantillon research.

1-John CANTILLON (1785-)
sp: Mary GRADY (-)
2-James CANTILLON (1820-30 Dec 1893)
sp: Sybel MCFARLAND (-)
2-Margaret CANTILLON (1821-2 Feb 1891)
sp: Andrew CARNEY (-)
3-Eliza CARNEY (1854-3 Jan 1878)
3-Margaret CARNEY (1867-25 Jan 1889)
2-William CANTILLON (1827-1887)
sp: Mary BRODERICK (-)
3-Julia CANTILLON (1860-)
3-John William CANTILLON (7 Feb 1862-29 Sep 1918)
sp: Eva M. ROY (-)
4-William J. CANTLIN (8 Jul 1903-1981)
sp: Dorothy A. PERRY (-)
5-Robert William CANTLIN (-)
5-Brian James CANTLIN (2 Nov 1944-9 Aug 2002)
sp: Donna Sue Kellerman (-)
6-Mary Suzanne CANTLIN (Private)
6-Patrick William CANTLIN (Private)
4-Daniel R. CANTLIN (7 Jun 1907-11 May 1983)
sp1: Elva M NAYLOR (-)
5-Carol M CANTLIN (-)
sp: Scott KIFER (-)
5-Daniel N CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Margaret HUNAR (-)
sp2: Helen H JALO (-)
4-John G. CANTLIN (1911-1967)
sp1: Mara TAYLOR (-)
sp2: Edna HILL (-)
3-Timothy CANTILLON (1862-)
3-James CANTILLON (2 Jul 1864-5 Nov 1895)
3-Mary CANTILLON (1866-3 Jun 1928)
3-William CANTILLON (6 Apr 1868-18 Jul 1891)
3-Patrick J. CANTILLON (16 Jun 1870-1950)
sp: M. ROSALIA (-)
3-Daniel H CANTILLON (16 Oct 1872-)
sp: Grace (-)
3-Catherine CANTILLON (7 Oct 1874-)
3-Henry F. CANTILLON (18 Jul 1878-16 Jan 1947)
sp: Callie M. HARDY (-)
3-Jane A. CANTILLON (1879-1954)
sp: Harry T. LANNING (-)
3-Flora CANTILLON (1881-)
2-John CANTILLON (1828-9 Mar 1904)
sp: Johannah O'NEIL (-)
3-Mary CANTILLON (1858-25 Jan 1950)
3-John CANTILLON (1860-)
3-Patrick H CANTILLON (-)
3-William L CANTILLON (20 Sep 1862-23 Apr 1947)
sp: Mary E QUINN (-)
4-Veronica CANTLIN (12 Apr 1893-29 Feb 1959)
sp: George R DUSENBURY (-)
5-Johannah DUSENBURY (-)
sp: Maurice D. PALO (-)
4-Catherine A CANTLIN (31 Jul 1899-7 Jul 1940)
4-Celeste R CANTLIN (14 Oct 1902-6 Mar 1978)
4-Mary J CANTLIN (-24 Nov 1979)
sp: Harry R PUGH (-)
5-John H PUGH (-27 Sep 1946)
5-Mary E PUGH (-)
3-Catherine CANTILLON (1865-10 Jun 1950)
3-Johannah CANTILLON (1867-)
sp: William HIGIE (-)
4-Paul HIGIE (-)
4-James HIGIE (1905-)
sp: Anna (-)
5-William HIGIE (1923-)
5-Elizabeth A HIGIE (1924-)
5-James J HIGIE (1926-)
5-Mary J HIGIE (Private)
5-John P HIGIE (Private)
5-Thomas E HIGIE (Private)
3-Thomas J. CANTILLON (13 Jun 1868-20 Jan 1944)
sp: Catherine Winifred MURPHY (1 Oct 1872-31 Mar 1935)
4-Robert CANTLIN (Jan 1893-)
4-Helen C CANTLIN (20 Jan 1895-19 Dec 1944)
sp: Thomas J COLEMAN (-)
4-Harold Thomas CANTLIN (18 Oct 1897-2 Nov 1959)
sp: Mary Irene WALL (21 Dec 1901-1970)
5-Harold Thomas CANTLIN (19 Jun 1922-18 Apr 1983)
sp: Betty Jane WITWER (9 Mar 1924-)
6-Daniel Edward CANTLIN (Private)
sp1: Karla Rose KREUSCHNER (-)
sp2: Heidi Elen HINDERMAN (Private)
7-Molly Elizabeth CANTLIN (Private)
7-Emily Marie CANTLIN (Private)
6-Mary Eileen CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Nicholas Paul VERBUS (Private)
7-Colleen Nichole VERBUS (Private)
7-Nicholas Warren VERBUS (Private)
7-Martin Thomas VERBUS (Private)
6-David Joseph CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Rachel Jane LACEY (Private)
7-Rebekah Anne CANTLIN (Private)
7-Deborah Ruth CANTLIN (Private)
7-Joshua Daniel CANTLIN (Private)
7-Stephen James CANTLIN (Private)
7-Ann Elizabeth CANTLIN (Private)
7-Hannah Esther CANTLIN (Private)
5-William Victor CANTLIN (9 Apr 1926-)
sp: Lyda Joy ROTH (Private)
6-Michael Dean CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Barbara Lynne ALFORD (Private)
7-Stephanie Lynne CANTLIN (Private)
6-Kathleen CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Keith A. KUHN (Private)
7-Kelli Alicia KUHN (Private)
7-Kristin Nicole KUHN (Private)
7-Kevin Michael KUHN (Private)
5-Katherine Theresa CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Robert RAPCZYNSKI (Private)
6-Amy Marie RAPP (Private)
sp: Jules Wayne RHINE (Private)
7-Irene Viola RHINE (Private)
7-Matthew Jules RHINE (Private)
7-Jeffrey Carl RHINE (Private)
6-Celia Ann RAPP (Private)
sp: Frank Frederick TENCH (Private)
7-Lindsey Ann TENCH (Private)
7-William Robert TENCH (Private)
4-Laverne M CANTLIN (24 Mar 1901-26 Oct 1969)
sp: Clarence A KIRK (-)
5-Jeanne A KIRK (13 Nov 1923-16 Oct 1936)
5-John J KIRK (9 Sep 1926-)
5-William C KIRK (Private)
5-Mary C KIRK (Private)
sp: Joseph ROSSI (-)
5-Dorothy A KIRK (Private)
4-John James CANTLIN (26 Feb 1904-22 Nov 1969)
sp: Virginia C HOWARD (-31 Oct 1994)
5-John James CANTLIN (14 Apr 1923-)
5-Thomas William CANTLIN (11 Aug 1924-)
sp: Norma J ZIMMERMAN (-)
6-Gregory A CANTLIN (Private)
sp1: Sally DAVIS (-)
sp2: Cynthia KAMIN (-)
6-Gayle A CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Harold ARCHIBALD (-)
7-Eric ARCHIBALD (-)
7-Jamie L ARCHIBALD (-)
6-Dennis M CANTLIN (Private)
6-Donald M CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Paulette THOMPSON (-)
5-Robert Howard CANTLIN (12 Apr 1926-16 Nov 1989)
sp1: Dolores JACOBS (-)
6-Dawn M CANTLIN (Private)
sp1: Walter S MRUCK (-)
7-Sean R MRUCK (Private)
sp2: Fred C WINGLER (-)
7-Brad A WINGLER (Private)
7-Adam R WINGLER (Private)
sp3: Marvin MESLINGER (-)
6-Mary L CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Ronald KUZMARSKI (-)
7-Kimberly A KUZMARSKI (Private)
7-Nicole M KUZMARSKI (Private)
7-Kevin A KUZMARSKI (Private)
6-Douglas A CANTLIN (-)
6-Robin D CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Robert SICILIANO (-)
7-Paul R SICILIANO (Private)
7-Angela M SICILIANO (Private)
7-Elyse M SICILIANO (Private)
7-Christin SICILIANO (Private)
6-Deborah J CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Michael HIGGINS (-)
7-John M HIGGINS (Private)
7-Allison M HIGGINS (Private)
7-Erin E HIGGINS (Private)
7-Patrick H HIGGINS (Private)
7-Joseph HIGGINS (Private)
7-Michael C HIGGINS (Private)
sp2: Sari LAPPIN (-)
6-Mathew CANTLIN (-)
6-Patrick CANTLIN (-)
5-Richard Francis CANTLIN (4 Oct 1927-26 Jun 1928)
5-Gilbert Joseph CANTLIN (Private)
5-Marjorie Ann CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Frank IPPOLITO (-)
6-John F IPPOLITO (Private)
sp: Diane M KASSAY (-)
7-Thomas J IPPOLITO (Private)
6-Gina M IPPOLITO (Private)
6-James P IPPOLITO (13 Mar 1971-19 May 1971)
5-Susan Marie CANTLIN (Private)
sp: Gerald DELVECCHIO (-)
6-Lisa M DELVECCHIO (Private)
sp: William APPLEGARTH (-)
sp: Daniel MITCHELL (-)
6-Michael R MITCHELL (Private)
6-David MITCHELL (Private)
6-Lindsay M MITCHELL (Private)
3-Elizabeth CANTILLON (27 Apr 1871-)
3-Helen CANTILLON (-)
3-James CANTILLON (2 Aug 1874-)
sp: Barbara LAPRELL (-)
4-Barbara CANTILLON (-)
4-Vincent CANTILLON (1910-)
4-Dorothy CANTILLON (1915-)
sp: George LAMBRIX (-)
4-Gertrude CANTILLON (1917-)
4-James CANTILLON (-)
4-John CANTILLON (1922-)
3-Julia CANTILLON (27 May 1876-16 Dec 1945)
sp: Valentine T KARNES (-)
4-Marian KARNES (23 May 1906-20 Sep 1988)
sp: Peter F KINYOUN (-)
5-Peter F KINYOUN (-)
sp: Patricia WEPPNER (-)
6-Peter F KINYOUN (-)
sp: Catherine DOYLE (-)
sp: Donna FLORES (-)
5-Robert C KINYOUN (Private)
sp: Jane SPRENG (-)
6-Robert KINYOUN (-)
sp: Anne PEARSON (-)
6-Jeffrey KINYOUN (-)
sp: Margaret RUSSO (-)
5-Bettyann KINYOUN (-)
4-Elizabeth J KARNES (6 Aug 1910-)
4-Frances A KARNES (9 Jun 1915-9 May 1943)
sp: John MILLEN (-)
4-Joseph V KARNES (12 May 1921-17 Jan 1966)
sp: Betty WHEELER (-)
5-Julia M KARNES (Private)
sp: Michael J QUIGLEY (-)
6-Maureen QUIGLEY (Private)
6-Sheila QUIGLEY (Private)
5-Joseph J KARNES (Private)
sp: Cynthia POLITO (-)
6-Cynthia KARNES (Private)
5-John M KARNES (-)
sp: Sharon RYZCKO (-)
6-John KARNES (Private)
6-Michelle KARNES (Private)
5-Thomas J KARNES (-)
sp: Deborah THOMPSON (-)
3-Jeanette CANTILLON (3 Mar 1878-1880)
2-Mary CANTILLON (-1916)
sp: John KELLEY (-)
3-Mary KELLEY (-)
3-Anna E KELLEY (-)
3-John J KELLEY (-)
3-William A KELLEY (-)
2-Catherine CANTILLON (-)
2-Julia CANTILLON (-)



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